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Compression Springs Compression Springs


Compression springs are the most common spring type used in the engineering industry, and comprise around 50% to 60% of all springs manufactured. In terms of energy storage per unit volume of material, they are amongst the most efficient spring types available. It is also possible to manufacture to relatively tight tolerances on loads and dimensions.

These springs are widely used in a large number of industrial products such as pumps, valves, pneumatic components, drilling equipment, automated and robotic systems, and also across various industries.

Scope of Rohit Springforms Pvt. Ltd.

We at RSF can make straight compression springs with variable pitch, taper conical springs and double conical springs, compression-torsion springs, zigzag compression springs, elliptical brush springs. Various post production treatments such as shot peening, grinding and other surface treatments are also available on these springs.

Our current manufacturing feasibility includes springs of round wire diameter starting from 0.10mm. Square section wires and shaped wires can also used to manufacture compression springs.

Prototypes for compression springs can be developed in a short lead time.
We maintain full batch traceability throughout the production process.

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