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Multislide Stamping Technology Multislide Stamping Technology


The multislide technology for stampings integrates forming and stamping operations. It is capable of producing strip formed components with multiple bends in a very economical manner. The Multislide press is designed specifically to form and punch a part from different directions, making it ideal for parts with complex bends, even bends in multiple planes. Secondary operations and handling is reduced, but come at the cost of increased tool setup times. All these are taken into account while selecting the optimum stamping method for a project.

Scope of Rohit Springforms Pvt Ltd

We at RSF use multislide machines from ranging from two slides to ten slides, in order to manufacture various multislide components. We use ferrous materials like high carbon steel, stainless steel etc & also non-ferrous materials such as brass, phosphorus bronze etc. We also offer auto tapping for parts, to ensure consistency in the components we manufacture. Surface treatment requirements on the finished material can be taken care of as well.

TWe produce parts using round wire, diameters in a range of 1.00mm to 3.00mm and strips with a thickness range of 0.15mm to 2.00mm, and the strip width range from 2.00mm to 25.00mm.

Tools and prototypes of multislide stampings can be developed in a short lead time. We maintain full batch traceability throughout the production process.

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