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Spiral Springs Spiral Springs


Spiral springs are generally made of rectangular section material, flat strip, with equal or increasing space between coils. This spring delivers its force (torque) in a rotary motion. The torque that is achieved per revolution is linear for the first 360 degrees. At greater angular rotations, the coils begin to close on the arbor, and the torque increases rapidly. Spiral springs are normally used in applications where axial space is limited and a large amount of torque is needed through a small amount of rotation.

Common applications of these types of springs include alarm clock, mechanical watches, kitchen timers, music boxes, galvanometers, seat belt retractors etc.

Scope of Rohit Springforms Pvt Ltd

We at RSF can use pre-hardened steel for manufacturing these springs. The other alternative we practice is to use soft material during forming, and carry out a heat treatment process post manufacturing to achieve the desired material hardness as per customer specifications. Various post production treatments such as shot peening and other surface treatments are also available on these springs.

We have the capacity to manufacture spiral brush springs and constant force springs starting from a minimum of 0.20mm strip thickness and 2.00mm strip width.

Prototypes for spiral/brush springs can be developed in a short lead time.
We maintain full batch traceability throughout the production process.

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